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April 30th, 2008: Priyadarsini Govind


Some bharathanatyam tonight, with some apprehension on my part, as I wonder whether I’m losing interest in Indian dance. It wasn’t decisive, I don’t think so, but I was not that much into this performance either. I did get some clue about why I prefer this so western classical dance though. Besides the rhythmic element that is usually present in Indian dance, I think it also embraces the ground and body, as opposed to western dance with it’s pretense of flight and the weird shapes of costumes.

I did like the beginning of the performance quite a bit, here was that geometrical abstraction of this style in its abstract aspect, and she was especially impressive whenever she had at least a knee on the ground. I had high hopes then, not the least because she gave a sample of different expressions, and looking fierce suited here very well. Unfortunately, the theme turned out not to be anger as announced but love. And she looked too meek for me. She’s very good technically, but the performance as a whole featured too much of expressive dance and not enough footwork and pure dance for me. So I felt it was unbalanced, and in favor of the elements I don’t like much to boot. In the end that left me intellectually appreciative of the technical skills of the dance, but missing the physical/primal connection that I have had before from other performances. Still a good show, but I can’t say it was great because I know it can get better than that.


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