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May 23rd, 2008: Sasha Waltz – Travelogue 1 Twenty to eight

@theatre de la ville

I had heard high praise for this one, but I wasn’t expecting much because the praise focused on stuff I don’t like all that much — namely the theater/pantomime aspects — and because of my past experience with Sasha Waltz‘ work. My problem has been that I can intellectually appreciate what’s going on, but I fail to connect on a more emotional/physical level. Which is actually a cause for hope, I pretty much had the opposite problem with Meg Stuart for years, until Alibi bridged that gap. So I’m still going to try to break through, even though it was the same old story this time around, probably worse than the previous time, but as it was from fifteen years ago, that’s not an issue.

It was not abstract enough for me, the more literally theatrical parts didn’t help, even though I did like the gradual shift to dance and back. That was very well done, but again I failed to connect, and was left with the impression that I was missing something important. I felt I was making some progress though, because these intermediate stages were more interesting to me than the purer dance sections. My favorite moment came early on, when a male dancer was really mixing both levels with the table and chairs, with motions that were going back and forth between natural movement and dance moves that were more than an extension of the original ones; that was part of it, but there was clearly something more at work here. I wish there had been more of that balance in the rest of the show, but it was mostly too much of one part or the other. It feels weird to complain about more pure dance, but in that case I didn’t connect to it, so I’d have wish to stick with what works. It was a big success anyway, so who cares about what I think?

Maybe next time I’ll finally get it?


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