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May 31st, 2008: Shit and Shine / Passenger of Shit

@instants chavirés

I tend to like some breakcore now and then, but I didn’t like Passenger of Shit‘s set at all. Part of the blame rests on the early hour and sparse audience, he probably wasn’t much into it in this situation. The music was pretty much run of the mill, and his involvement was slightly above pushing a button and guzzling beers — he did put a mask on, and that was it. It was probably a lost cause anyway, I guess most people — me included — were here for Shit and Shine.

They only had two drummers, which is plenty in such a small venue, and was indeed enough for the relentless pounding to get its trance-inducing effect. The feedback drones and primal pounding were just what I wanted to hear after this relatively high-brow series of gigs. No need to focus and be alert for small variations, it was the kind of gig were the music basically comes at you and takes hold. The drumming quickly grew hypnotic in its lack of variations, a commanding beat as a backdrop for feedback and occasional screamed incantations. Very satisfying in a physically compelling way.


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