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June 5th, 2008: Justice Yeldham / 16 Bitch Pile-up

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Bring the noise! I just would have liked it to be louder, but I was still pretty good to get back to this kind of music after what seemed like a long time. I also think that the first set would have worked better with less light. I think I liked 16 Bitch Pile-up a lot; “think” because it’s not that clear, there were boring parts as well. Three long tunes, each one beginning with a quiet and not so interesting messing around, with a low pulse emerging and getting my attention to wander back to the proceeding. Then the buildup would quicken, the volume go up and I was completely into it. The first one was probably my favorite for its darker feel, but the last one was a complete blast too — both featured some screaming, not coincidentally. Knowing what’s coming would probably make me enjoy it more next time, but that was already more than good enough, I think I even liked that set better than the next one. I wish they could reach the noisiest level more quickly, but the way I was yanked back each time makes me think I missed some good bits my letting my attention drift off.

I was eager to see Justice Yeldham again after his great performance during Sonic Protest last year. I had been impressed by the way he held his own musically when I expected a circus act. So I wondered whether I’d still like him with higher expectations, and without the surprise factor. I did like his set, though not as much as last year’s, pretty much for the reasons I expected. It’s definitely not just a freak show, there’s a really interesting musical content in there. I actually didn’t look at him much during the set, his pressing his face against that piece of glass, biting into it to cut parts of and final smashing on his head were old news to me, and that’s not what I was after anyway. I’m glad I found it.


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