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June 11th, 2008: Métal Mité / Vermisst Susi / Ero Babaa


Back to that small basement, it had been a while. Things are winding down anyway with summer allegedly getting near. Four short sets nonetheless, starting with with a female singer with an electric guitar. She said several times she could have used a drummer, but I don’t think I would have liked it much better anyway. Not that it was bad, but too mainstream indie for me.

Speaking of drummers, Ero Babaa had conned one into joining them. That was almost scary at first, as his presence made the whole dangerously close to coherent — maybe even within the area code. I don’t know whether that spurred the other into deeper chaos, he consciously cut the sense or I just got over it, but it got worse/better over time. Another fun filled performance with new tricks but in the same primal spirit — in the alcoholic sense of the word, of course. Definitely my favorite set of the evening, and surprisingly maybe my favorite of theirs.

I’m not even sure of the name of the other band, some noise but definitely sounding tame after the havoc. A couple of interesting parts — especially with some faint voice snippets barely coming through — but overall I thought it was too flat and lacking interaction between the two guys. Métal Mité was better, even though I’m not that fond of him. But still, it was quite fun and his set was just long enough for me — I know I would have gotten bored soon after. Not all that metalish though, but I couldn’t exactly expect cookie monster vocals, could I? I would probably have loved that though.


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