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June 19th, 2008: Benoît Lachambre / Louise Lecavalier / Hahn Rowe / Laurent Goldring – Is You Me


I know I usually name the choreographer alone in post titles, but that was the way it was listed on the posters, and it makes a lot of sense as the contributions were pretty much balanced. The stage setup featured a white incline in front of a white screen, and that would be the backdrop for Laurent Goldring’s live drawing; which was the main or only light, a fact driven home when the background went black and his white scribbling was the pool of light making the dancers visible. I really liked most of Hahn Rowe‘s music; some of it was sample based and even featured beats, some was processed violin, and overall diverse and so compelling I sometimes got distracted from the dance itself. As for Louise Lecavalier and Benoît Lachambre, that was even better than their previous work together, and this time both were dancing.

The show opening with Louise Lecavalier lying on the incline and swaying from the right to the left of the stage. That extended pattern made me dread yet another overstretching of an idea, until Benoît Lachambre appeared in a corner, stone-faced and moving in those quick burst of motion than look like a strobe light is on, except that the smooth motion of the other dancer both dispelled the illusion and made it more arresting. That contrasting came up at times but it was not the only thing going on, thankfully proving my initial fear completely wrong.

That stop-and-go pattern lingered a while in a less extreme form, with not-quite-natural movements and angles, but even though each idea was given time to be explored quite in depth, it hardly overstayed its welcome, with diverse speeds as well, from slow sliding to hectic shaking. The dance in and of itself was probably not all that great, but it worked so well with the music and light that this show really has to be taken in as a whole, and I definitely think it’s a success in that respect.

My only moment I had to roll my eyes and sigh was when they pulled that trick with the torso of one and the legs of the other. I mean it’s a good thing the season comes to close, I just might run screaming the next time I see this. Or fall asleep. They went on with such tricks for a short while, and that was the weakest part in my opinion.

In another sign of the times, both wore hoodies throughout (black, white, green or yellow, but hoodies), and more were lying around. Seems like it was the Year of the Hoodie in contemporary dance too this season. No gray one with cut-off sleeves though, but then again the Pats did eventually lose, didn’t they?


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