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June 20th, 2008: Jorgen Teller & La Destination

@instants chavirés

Video and live music again, and it was better than last week — no feat really, as I hated that one so much I didn’t even want to write about it. Not that great either, I think the only such performance that I really liked this year was David Watson playing with a video by David Linton and Angie Eng.

Here I had read that part of the sound was generated by sensors activated by the images themselves, and that was easiest to notice in the beginning — or maybe I was so intent on hearing it that I made it all up. Three “screens” on the wall, the center one with black and white images of streets for the most part, the side ones displaying blurred brownish images. A bit too arty again, but the immediacy of the earlier sequence made it OK.

I liked the music, electronic pulses and high drones, with nice interference patterns unfolding, but I felt it would have been better to hear Jorgen Teller on his own. That thought was reinforced when technical difficulties shut down the center screen for a while, and he stepped up to fill the void. That was easily the most interesting part of the gig for me, and left me with the impression that he could have done more but chose to leave more room for the other performers. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel they filled that space.

And it was just too long. In other words, I liked it at first but felt they had run out of ideas about the halfway mark and just kept running in circles after that.


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