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July 3rd, 2008: Sightings / Erez Martinic

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Final gig of the season at my main haunt. Nothing there for months, and the signs are just dire for fall. Attendance has consistently sucked, which means there won’t be as many gigs there as expected in the fall. A dozen would already rank as an achievement. What’s wrong with these people? Can’t they just figure out that Montreuil is just a couple of subway stations out into the suburbs? I’ve heard some bemoan how far it is. I say it’s all bullshit. I was born in Paris and spent my early years in Provence, so I should know about both shit and bulls. Yeah I take it as a personal affront when upstart people downtalk a favorite venue to the point it just might close down. Not there but steadily getting closer. I hardly can believe some people can be so lame that someone like *me* can expose them as poseurs. Anyone who takes exception to JF’s programming can come and tell him firsthand, he’s not hiding or anything. Shy ones can comment and I’ll relay, though it’s not worth much. Or better yet, get involved. New blood would be most welcome, I never got to it, but then again my being such an old codger means it’s probably for the best. End of rant.

Erez Martinic were all that could have been asked for and more. Trancy noise anyone? The keyboards supplied the trance part, the bass and drums the noise. I’ve already been raving enough about this particular drummer, so let’s just say he didn’t disappoint. And they feature two people from my beloved Chocolat Billy, whose latest record I could score there — cheers for Potagers Nature, best label in France if you ask me; you didn’t though, which shows you’re sane. They might even have topped their previous performance in the same place. Hard to tell by now, but it was a definite blast, with this combination of steady keyboards driving to a trance and bass/drums keeping things interesting for the ones either not into that trabce thing or schizophrenic enough to enjoy both it and the noise part, there was enough for all comers anyway.

Sightings more than picked up the gauntlet, they delivered a rousing set of their own, brought over the one hour mark through their encore. Interesting noise stuff if you ask me — though you’re definitely not — and ass-shaking to boot at times. They went for a hardcore noise set but I had the feeling they could have gone for a more mainstream one instead; would have been far less interesting though. As it was it was good enough, these guys delivered in a big way, their set was a complete blast. All a fitting sendup bur I do hope it is just prelude to an even more rousing fall season at this place. I’ll do my part, just do yours and it will be allright.


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