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July 8th, 2008: DJ Scotch Egg / Ove-Naxx / Bogulta / Maruosa

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Breakcore for the most part, a tour called Osaka Invasion because all performers are from this city. I also picked up a compilation by the same name that features more Osaka artists, and was issued by the De-fragment label, who seem to have a few cool things going from a quick look at their site — people able to read Japanese can probably get a clearer picture. I got to chat a little with a guy from this label, who was very nice even though the sparse attendance could have made him grouchy. Sparse as in maybe ten for the first set, and maybe into the fifties at the end, and even that probably includes people from the venue and the tour crew. Probably not a good sign for further gigs from these people around here.

Maruosa opened the evening and I loved his set. Basically breakcore, but with cookie monster vocals. I had never thought of that combination but it makes perfect sense, and also made for a good show, as he went screaming and jumping around despite the almost empty room. Latecomers missed something, minor payback for being so embarrassingly hip. He seems to have at least another interesting project, so that Osaka scene sure looks worth a closer look.

In the offensive hipster section, I just don’t get how Bogulta can have been compared to Lightning Bolt — actually, I think it’s because of the bass/drums lineup. No relation, really. In part because their heavy use of samples made their sound richer, as in containing more. But really that was nowhere as savage and they actually played on stage. A distant cousin at most, and far less interesting. The drummer was OK, but all that speed was kinda running in circles at times. Good moments, but not enough for me.

Ove Naxx turned out to be my favorite, not really a surprise in itself, but his set was far quieter and slower than I expected. Maybe even too slow to qualify as breakcore most of the time. But the sound was great and his samples were very interesting and unusually organic, with complex patterns that just made my day. There were more regular moments as well, but I was most impressed by the start of his set. But even though I thought he didn’t reach that high level later on, the whole set was nonetheless consistently good.

DJ Scotch Egg ended the gig, and was the best showman in the evening. It probably helped to have more than ten people, but it still was sparse. He motioned for everyone to get closer, came down the stage a few times and was generally moving around and connecting with people — not that often the case with this kind of music. The gamish flavor of his samples were very much in tune with his lighthearted demeanor, and the set was a blast, even though I’m not that much into his music.

Later edit:

I listened to that sampler CD, and both for the record and if Takehito Miyagi happens to stumble upon this and wants suggestions for another tour — long shots indeed — my favorite tracks so far on that sampler — beyond Ove Naxx — were cycheouts G, KA4U and especially Doddodo. Nice work putting that together, sir.


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