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July 9th, 2008: Gravetemple

@point ephemere

Two days in a row in that place, that’s probably enough for a while. The more I go there, the less I like it. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why, but it kinda gives me the creeps. Anyway, there were definitely more people than the previous day, not a surprise, but I would have expected even more, as Stephen O’Malley has his following. There were a lot of people outside though, so it’s not because people are away. Go figure.

No opening band, which sucks, but maybe they didn’t find someone suitable. The single set lasted way over an hour, but they sure had time for an opening set anyway. Gravetemple was a trio for most of the set, but were joined by a drummer in the last part. I was expecting something more doomish from Csihar/Ambarchi/SOMA, but I thought it was lighter, even though still slow and somber. Definitely less physical than Sunn O))) or even KTL, and Oren Ambarchi was interesting as usual. The part with the drummer was a nice twist because that guy was pretty frantic, which contrasted with the other’s pace but somehow actually worked. He did slow down a little and the others did pick up a little speed, but the gap remained a big one. I liked that a lot, as it brought in a new element to what looked a bit too much like business as usual, which each performer pretty much doing what one could expect from him.


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