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July 15th, 2008: Guillaume Constantin / Gregory Cumins / Assaf Gruber

@galerie Bernard Jordan

I had kinda given up on posting about art shows, but it’s the slow season and that one was good enough to bring back the itch. That was a small show, with just two piece by each artist, and the place was pretty crowded because I went for the opening, but I liked it. Maybe even enough to go back at a quieter time.

Guillaume Constantin displayed an earlier work I had already seen, a structure of thin bright yellow plastic tubes. Since being told it looked like the outline of a gutted mattress, I can no longer see it otherwise, even though that had eluded me the first time around — duck-rabbit, anyone? But it’s a good one, and the setting and lighting are much better for it in this place. His other one is a couple of thin rectangles of masking tapes hangin over a metal frame. He told me he expects the material to degrade over time, so I might want to go back and check it out over the couple of weeks it will be there.

Gregory Cummins had a couple of paintings, each a big white frame with a tiny figure in the middle. Getting closer these figures turned out to be very detailed young people standing. Pretty good from both the use of the frame and the separate impressions depending on the distance. Both paintings are alike — but with different people — and even though that could work on its own, it was a bit disappointing compared to the others, who had a common theme at work — lines for Constantin, balls for Gruber — but used in very different ways.

Assaf Gruber had two really good ones: a video of an empty tennis court at night, with red balls being shot — assumedly by a machine, as suggested by an early shot — over the net and accumulating on the ground, interspeded with shots of the empty seats and lights. I suspect it was digitally edited, because of the spinning, unnatural movement of the smooth and bright red balls, and their later behaving more like pool balls — complete with sound as well. No matter how it was done, I liked it a lot. His other piece — called getting even — was a bunch of bowling balls, most of them sawed in half, scattered around half the room. I liked the way one would walk within and not just look at it.

July 25th: I did act on my impulse and went to check this out again. The masking tape didn’t degrade much, and the empty room gave me a chance to have a better look at the bowling balls. I even could talk a little with Assaf Gruber, so now I know that the video was not edited, and that those red balls were actual pool balls propelled by that machine.


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