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July 17, 2008: Tatiana Trouvé

@centre pompidou

I had been kinda rooting for her to win that Marcel Duchamp prize — especially with the jury convening upstairs from where I work — so it was a no-brainer for me to drop by and get a look at her show. She has come a long way since the early days of the polders, but there’s still something left of that sense of occupation of unclaimed space, and a tendency to have stuff going on close to the ground. Maybe not as strong as what she did at the Palais de Tokyo, but that may be because it was a personal exhibition, so the interference part was gone.

A very consistent show, with a lot of black between those white walls, and those by now familiar elements: mirrors, glass doors, copper plumbing and those black bronze sculptures.

Beyond an introductory corridor that featured drawing with unexpected thick lines that reminded me of those copper tubes, the space has a skewed symmetry. Partitioned in the middle by a black gate-like structure with three openings, and bookended by enclosed low corridors that where made to look straight by mirrors even though they were forming right angles. But the three in the back were bare with just a glass door inside, whereas the big one in the front held copper tubes coming out of tall gas bottles, with a pair of shoes stranded there — again this parasitic interference, within her own work this time. Out of small holes high in both of these walls came a thin stream of black sand piling up on the ground. In the middle, black bronze sculptures, my favorite being an arch of rope with a ball on each side. These all had some trivial aspect about them, nothing like glorious subject matter but held some mistery because of that. And drawings on the walls, some with unexpected elements, some with reflective material standing in for mirrors, all of them featuring something that would seem out of place but made a lot of sense.

My favorite series of drawings were the remanence series, all it shades from dark gray to black, usually a room with a picture window and something out of place in the middle, with elements kinda emerging into view progressively. A process in a static drawing, that sure made my day.

But the best part for me were the small touches, like the small impact marks in the glass plate of the first corridor, and especially the two lamps in a corner, one projecting a halo of light on the white wall, the other turned off but with a burn mark on the wall instead.


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  1. I’ve got nothing to sell for free !
    But I still like your blog !
    Does it count ¿

    Comment by Munch | July 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. Munch, sorry to have made your comment so weird by deleting the two previous comments. The guy looks like an amateur spammer out to collect hits for his sites.

    Then again, I kinda like weirdness and this almost reads like a koan now.

    Comment by counterfnord | July 19, 2008 | Reply

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