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July 17th, 2008: Rinus / Stig Noise / Hawaiian Spasms / Ero Babaa


Not many people showed at first, which might be a reason why the gig started late, which was not such a good idea as gigs in this place tend to end on time to avoid having cops showing up. It did get a fair number of people eventually, but this tendency to show up late is growing into a pet peeve.

Ero Babaa ended up doing the first set, and I thought it was just too loud. This doesn’t bother me usually, so I guess I wasn’t all that much into their performance. Indeed, I’ve seen them do better things, this one lacked the fun part of their best shows.

Hawaiian Spasms did a pretty long set based on repetition of a melodic pattern. Pretty good, but a bit long, though I guess the longer stable part in the middle was part of the project. Some speed changes, some beats at times, for a somewhat hypnotic performance. It wasn’t great, but sure showed enough interesting parts to make me curious and I would probably like to hear him again in a few months.

Stig Noise started with a full onslaught but turned out to be no strangers to melody as well, and their use of a trumpet was a nice touch. Relentless most of the time, and overall a good set. They did relatively diverse stuff at first but kinda settled later on, which was a bit of a disappointment. Still good enough anyway.

Finally, Rinus was actually joined by another guy on dictaphone too, maybe another member of Diktat. A very short set, probably because of time constraints, and not very interesting. Most of it was noisish, and made little use of the tapes themselves, which was a letdown. They did wander around a couple of times with their players, but these parts were too distinct from the noise parts with no transition whatsoever. The guy seems better than that, at least judging from his page, so that was an anticlimactic end to the evening.

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