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July 19th, 2008: Philémon / Rompé / Krzych / Damien Schultz / Zaraz Wam Zagram


Most probably the very last gig at this place, as it is supposed to close down for good anytime now. The theme was solo performances, which was the case if one defines it as “no more than two hands”.

That refers to 1/2 ZWZ, because he had his right forearm and hand in a cast, and had someone lend him a hand — literally enough, as he kept his other hand behind his back — to man the guitar. Still interesting under the circumstances, but I’ve heard better from him.

Damien Schultz then read a text, his speed going from fast to breakneck, with a lot of repetitions but my understanding the words spoiled most of it for me. It usually takes me much longer than his short performance to turn off the mind stuff.

I then finally got to hear Krzych, after many near misses over the last couple of year; it seems that something would always come up and thwart my plans to hear him, in any of his various projects. I’m glad that streak came to an end, as it turned out to be my favorite performance of the evening. Quite diverse, from melodic echoes to distorted screaming to percussive anti-patterns. There were parts I didn’t like, but overall I really enjoyed that set, especially when the sound got used as a raw material yet with a trace of structure and trajectory underneath.

Rompé was more conventional noise guitar mayhem, but his use of a metal sheet with a contact mike added a welcome twist, injecting some unpredictability into what would have been a routine performance.

Finally, Philémon, his sax and pedals brought it to a close. That was pretty good, the sound was strong enough, but I still thought it lacked something. But I guess that’s the way it should be, these were more informal improvised performances anyway.

I’ll miss that tiny basement of a venue, it was a nice place for these small gigs.


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