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July 24th, 2008: Superdome

@palais de Tokyo

I tend to go there regularly, because of the convenient opening hours — from noon to midnight — and my interest in contemporary art, and also because I’ve been at this place since it opened. Sometimes I just don’t like it and this time much pretty much one of those. I have to say I didn’t get to see Christoph Büchel’s work, because there was a waiting list and the first slot was six hours later. And I only saw half of Jonathan Monk’s because I lacked the required enthusiasm.

My favorite turned out to be Yann Sérandour‘s, 18 books in a small white cube inside a white room, with a square of neon light overhead. The books were O’Doherty’s Inside the white cube, and even though that’s not such a great work, at least it was funny.

The black mattress and wallpaper with black pattern were not bad, but that confrontation brought memories of a far superior show that took place there last year, and that kinda spoiled it. The elephant balanced on its trunk and the beer bottle canon were nothing special for me, and I think the whole show lacked direction.

Finally, I went to hear the tune generated by the Darth Vader heads, but I think that one would required other tries to hear how it evolves — if it does — and I probably would have found it boring — as other people did — had I not been hearing about that project for months from one of the guys working on the computer side of it.


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