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August 13th, 2008: Yayoi Kusama – Dots Obsession

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I had been hearing about Yayoi Kusama for so long I had to take a look. A bit of a disappointment there, due in part to the place itself. Those pink spheres with black dots didn’t mesh with the industrial setting. I think something more suitable to a sensory immersion would have worked better, as did the two sphere one could walk into. One was a quiet place to sit and read or just relax, but it was a bit too crowded for me. The other contained a square room with mirror balls and big balloons attached to the ceiling. Again, too much people in there, the kind who have to pose for pictures fooling with the fragile balls, pretty much ruining the experience for me. But it’s a free show in Paris, so that was to be expected, even though I went there late to avoid the worst of the crowd. Anyway, my favorite was one sphere with a lens to a small box inside, line with mirrors and with a few small spheres reflecting to infinity. Despite the long line to take a look, this gave me a tantalizing sense of the proper immersion that I think is required to appreciate her work. I’d like to get the chance to experience that properly, someday.

I didn’t really like the videos though. As usual, the early one from the 60s were too far from my own experience for me to relate, though the first parts of Kusama’s Self Obliteration, with the horse, water, and tree, did draw me in. The comparatively recent flower obsessions pretty much left me out, too polished for me. I did enjoy Kusama’s room, for its welcoming weirdness. Overall, I just didn’t find a way in.


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