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August 26th, 2008: Dusk / The Einstein Tremolos

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I had low expectations about The Einstein Tremolos, even though — or because — they were those I went to hear. I know one of these guys, and he’s been telling me about their recent lineup changes and generally lowering my expectations. Sure, they’re not playing perfectly, but that’s pretty much besides the point anyway. Nothing experimental or innovative, but I didn’t expect anything like that. The bottom line is that I had a good time and was definitely not embarrassed nor bored. I may even go again for the other band they’ll be opening for. Standard rock fare, but after the tense few minutes they let go and went into it, and that was enough for me tonight after that long drought. Not weird enough to sustain my interest for long, but at least they did an out of character cover of Daft Punk’s Robot Rock, and that’s still worth some points.

I didn’t like the main act, apart from a couple of songs. Billed as a surf-rock act, Dusk had the raw sound pretty right — especially the guitars — but lacked the attitude and feel that go with that. Downright stilted at times, and far to precise and metronomic, and that was more annoying in the more surfish fast tunes, and it was often too fast for me. Plus I just hated the cheerleading side of their frontman bass player, but that’s more about me than about them.


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