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September 3rd, 2008: Boris Charmatz & Médéric Collignon

@la villette

More dance/music from la villette jazz festival. Definitely a huge contrast with yesterday, which is a good thing. I’d be first in line for a week-long Rosas festival, but I enjoy seeing/hearing different things. And it could hardly have been more different: small venue, completely different music and dance, and a physical involvement of the musician in the dance.

I was quite impressed by Médéric Collignon. I have to say I liked the music better than the dance, and his use of samples, effects and his voice were all interesting. He also sometimes used a tiny cornet. He was not singing in the common sense of the word, more using his voice as an instrument, at times close to what Phil Minton does, but usually more rhythmic and louder. With addition of samples, effects and loops, he sure filled the space with sound. He’s probably interesting to hear on his own, I might want to hear that.

On its own the dance was not much to my taste. I liked the shaking/crawling in the beginning that was nicely reprised close to the end: at first Charmatz would set Collignon in motion before drifting away on the ground, and later he went through the same motions with Collignon standing apart. I liked the part where he was jumping and dodging the mic, and the times he was standing and either frantic or quiet. A huge difference with yesterday was that his dance seemed grounded in everyday gestures, with variations, amplifications and distortions. But isolating the dance misses the point. The interactions were playful and inventive, and they both looked very much involved in the performance, which made up for a lot of the things I didn’t like on their own. On the other hand, the comedy part was lost on me as usual — I’m pretty much immune to this stuff. But overall I liked it. Not loved it, but it was interesting, and the music saved the day.


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