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September 5th, 2008: Josef Nadj – Paysage après l’orage

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Third and final dance show during that festival for me, and last dance show for a while. I think this was the less consistent with the jazz theme, but that’s probably because I didn’t pay enough attention to the music. I had seen Last Landscape a few years ago, a earlier version of that show, but even that wasn’t enough to lessen the grip the dance had on my senses. I didn’t ignore Akosh Szelevényi and Gildas Etevenard altogether, but their music was in the background for me, working well within the show but my mind was focused somewhere else.

What a powerful show. The dance of course, but also the projected images and props that were all a part of it. Lasting images, and the distinction between dance and something else lost whatever shred meaning it had. Probably darker than most of Josef Nadj‘s other works, yet with all the familiar things: the automaton-like movements giving way to fluid then exagerated ones, the tricks — an assymetrical object casting a symetrical shadow — and the dark suit.

There’s no way my words could do justice to this if I try to describe what went on. It had its own logic, as in dreams, but also such power that dream is not enough. Poetry also sounds off. The word that came to my mind was “myth”. There was that element of reaching to a primal knowledge.

Having seen a lot of his work in the past fifteen years, this also appeared to me as a potent concentrate, and highlighted the thread that had been going through his work, despite the many changes. I still miss the early trickster, but I would probably have tired of that by now. As it is, I’m nowhere near that feeling now.


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