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September 19th, 2008: Temple Of Bon Matin / Radio Eris


I first heard of this gig close to three months ago and booked that day because of the name of the opening band: Radio Eris. I mean, having gone public as to my favorite part of the principia discordia, how could I miss this gig? It turned out that I was suitably mistaken, the “radio” part coming for Patti Smith’s Radio Ethiopia. I was not wrong about the Eris part, as Matt immediately blurted “the Steve Jackson edition” upon seeing my copy. Funny how I spent years calling myself a discordian and only got to meet another one when I stopped doing so.

It took place in the basement of a bar. That gig was supposed to take place at the Miroiterie squat, but the people there had another gig planned. That’s bad and maybe worse, but I don’t know what went on. The predictable result was that not many people showed up. Eight people paid to get in. Eight people on stage, and that’s using the latter word loosely. To make the cramped conditions worse, the Radio Eris keyboard player had problems with his gear and kept getting shocked because of faulty grounding. He eventually did get his theremin going halfway through the set.

Despite the poor conditions, I loved Radio Eris‘ set — dig the 5 in the myspace url. I think Lora Bloom’s charisma played a big part, but maybe she was just lucky enough not to suffer from the many technical difficulties. Anyway, I’m partial to processed voice, and to theremins as well, but my liking them went beyond that. The music had a strong current of freedom in it, something that could had led to great things if at least something had gone their way. I really got the sense that I was missing a lot due to the conditions, and I’m afraid they won’t be eager to come back around here after that experience. My loss, and one more reason to contemplate going to Philadelphia someday to sample the local scene: I’d still love to see King Kong Ding Dong, and paying a visit to Eris Temple would be high on my list.

Temple of bon matin were lucky enough to avoid the technical problems that plagued the first set, but they sure could have used a little more space on stage. Lora Bloom and Lisa Sunshine played with them, but just in front of the stage for lack of space. They sure sounded better, and were definitely sounding more in control, in a good way. I liked the drummer’s play, but not his voice. Again, the conditions probably didn’t do justice to them, but they did pull off a good set anyway. From my perspective, it was better than the first set, but less interesting. Maybe that’s because I was actually more familiar with their music.

I do feel bad for the people who made this gig happen and probably lost quite a lot in addition to feeling bad for the musicians. The gig was nice anyway, but it still sucks.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review! Although we did have the most technical problems of the tour that night, all in all we were pleased with our performance and our reception, and I assure you we all want to come back to Paris soon and do another show…this time fore-armed with the proper american/euro power converters for our equipment (and possibly a rubber mat for Kenny to stand on to avoid shocks). And we’d be delighted to see you show up at an Eris Temple event, or possibly even just pop by if you voyage to Philadelphia and drop in on a rehearsal. Hail Eris.


    Comment by Matt | October 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. I had a great time playing (and driving) in Paris.

    The Cafe was very quaint and although there were many difficulties, we did the best we could with what had available.

    Come back to Paris? In a Philly minute!

    Rock on!


    Comment by Lisa | October 16, 2008 | Reply

  3. I guess I should say I’m honored to have you comment on my drivel, but what I really like about your comments is the prospect of having you coming back. I’m on Greg’s mailing list, so I hope I will hear about it, the sooner the better.

    I might have jinxed your show by partaking of a hot dog on a Friday before coming. Hail Eris anyway.


    Comment by counterfnord | October 18, 2008 | Reply

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