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September 20th, 2008: Secret Chiefs 3 / Fear Falls Burning / Drums Are For Parade


Second day of the Fiasco System festival. This time I could hear it all, as there were only three bands. More people showed up as well.

Drums Are For Parade went first. Powerful and efficient, though probably too straightforward for me. I write this now, but I quite enjoyed it at the time, so maybe I would be better off putting aside what came next. It was more interesting that just plain rock, first because there seemed to be something else than the usual elements, though I couldn’t pinpoint what. Then because it was not exactly fitting in a specific subgenre. So it had something personal despite being the less interesting of the evening for me.

I liked Fear Falls Burning better, which is no surprise with my being fond of dronish noise. I got a nice serving of that, and I loved the slower pace. Just one guy with a guitar and electronics, but that didn’t stop him from generating a deep and rich soundscape. I was very much into into, bobbing on the sound waves. That’s the kind of music I can get lost into for a while. This might be even better suited to smaller venues, I hope I can test this theory someday.

Secret Chiefs 3 was quite a shock to me — as is often the case, I knew none of the bands, and didn’t try to get more information before — and a great one at that. How sweet it still is to me to discover a band through a very good show. The music mixed many things, with a noticeable influence from middle-eastern music, which I like a lot. The violin alone would have made my day, and there was far more to this set. A totally original sound, something I never heard before, and an engrossing show, what more can I ask for from a gig?

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