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September 27th, 2008: Miço Kendeş


This season I took a few tickets for some traditional music I don’t know much about, and this was the first in that series. Kurdish music by performers from Irak, Iran and Turkey, though most of them seem to be based in Europe. These diverse origins made the “music from Kurdistan” label a fitting description, and besides the great music they gave me a more personal insight into what had been a pretty abstract issue for me.

Miço Kendeş was singing and played some instrument that looked like a bouzouki for a short time. The other musicians played oud, violin, daf and a kind of duduk. Miço Kendeş’ voice is great, and his powerful singing was a gateway for me, guiding me effortlessly into a music that was completely unfamiliar, and making me feel at ease within it. Of course I didn’t understand a word, but that didn’t stop me from having a good time, which was no small feat considering my state of mind. I had just lost a small ankh I had been wearing for twenty years, and I was very upset. Yet the music and singing came through and made me forget about it for a while, for which I am still grateful.

Even though the singing was the best part for me, I enjoyed the daf solo a great deal. I’m partial to percussions, and Abbas Bakhtiari is very talented. All these musicians are very good, but he just stood out, by getting diverse sounds from his couple of drums and also by being a showman, in the best sense of the word. His playing brought a welcome liveliness to a setting that always threatens to stifle the joyful parts of a performance: sitting in a theater with the expectations that come with the reputation of this place for traditional music. Maybe I’ll get used to this along the way, but it felt weird. I guess some performances will be quieter and it will feel more suitable.

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