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September 30th, 2008: Foot Village / Basshaters

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Back to my favorite venue after the usual summer break. Despite the dire predictions, there will be quite a few gigs there in the coming months — but none in December. And this season started well enough with very different bands in the same evening.

Basshaters is a drums/double bass duo, with some effects thrown in at times. Pretty much in the european free improv mold, the kind that makes it a point of never using their instruments in a regular way. Not fully so, as the drummer sometimes added some effects, and there were a few times when the bass player actually used a bow straightforwardly. I guess it shows I’m not all that interested in that kind of music, because I tend to lose interest when I have already heard those sounds. But it did have its moments, with both interesting new twists — most on double bass — and convincing combinations of stuff I had heard before. And a welcome loud part with metal mayhem courtesy of the drummer. But there were also times when I could feel my mind drift off from the lack of unheard sounds. It was worth it because I always enjoy new sound textures — and that’s has been rarer as I grow more experienced (meaning older) — but I wish they had gone more with their personal stuff as opposed to showing influences.

Foot Village was completely different, and more my kind of music. Four drummers, setting up in a circle facing inward with the audience all around. Not as loud I as expected/feared, and all the better for it in my opinion; it was loud, but just right, anything louder would probably have been too much — sometimes impaired hearing has its benefits. Besides drumming, they would also get yelling at times, with or without a megaphone — with one of these sporting an integrated green light — which pretty much says how primal the thing is. Which is something I like a lot. Not surprisingly, their songs got shorter as the set went on, but the first couple of longer ones were particularly impressive. A contagious kind of energy and joy at work here. I had heard a session on WFMU a few months ago (video here), but actually being standing around them is an altogether different experience. Granted, what they do isn’t changing much within their set. But they don’t play that long, they look totally into it and like they’re giving all they got, and that’s a lot — both from them and for me. Overthinking it would be besides the point, it all boils down to the fact that I loved it. And if it ain’t broke…


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