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October 2nd, 2008: Dure Mère / Millefille / Zaraz Wam Zagram / Agripon


Maybe it’s a good thing that not many people showed up early, because even though the basement was spacious by bar standards, Agripon made good use of the extra space. It all started almost conventionally, with actual notes from the guitar and regular drumming — including on an actual oil drum that ended up rolling on the floor later. Of course this didn’t last as the set devolved into more cathartic chaos. Low brow fun and a welcome change from the high brow music of the previous day (welcome for change’s sake).

Zaraz Wam Zagram was OK, not I have heard better from him. A bit too long, especially at first — or maybe that’s just because I like it much better when tapes get involved and had to wait for that. But I liked the set better as time passed, and the later part was real nice. Maybe he was just pacing himself to wait for the many people who showed up as his set progressed.

Millefille ended up being my favorite set of the evening. Drums and electronics, maybe not all that interesting on their own, but the combination and interplay made the end result very good. The peaks were when parts with steady rhythmic elements from both would mesh to create a third pattern, while both would still be playing separate parts in addition. I does look like much, but that was enough to make my day.

Dure Mère closed with a long set of fast and long tunes. The bandoneon was mixed a bit too low for me, but that feeling may come from it being the most original part. I didn’t like it as much as the first time I saw them, maybe because I knew what to expect this time, but I think their set had been a tad more diverse then. Still, they know what they are doing and I had a good time, so they remain a band I’ll be happy to hear again. The novely effect of the bandoneon has worn out and their music is still standing solidly for me.


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