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October 4th, 2008: CCAM Benefit

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That evening was a benefit for CCAM, who need help after seeing part of their funding cut despite having made the Musique Action festival a reference. Many musicians showed up, but I was a bit disappointed at not seeing more people in the audience.

Eleven short sets, quite diverse yet definitely showing a common spirit. In a sense it was a gathering of a musical family. I can’t say I liked it all, but I did like most of it, and probably didn’t expect to be that fond of the evening. I guess the cause played a part, and I got a good feeling out of it. I had my favorites, but that seems to be besides the point now. I’ll just list those who played, because showing up is meaningful to me, enough to make me want to check out even those whose performance passed me by on this particular occasion.

Dominique Petitgand

Xavier Charles / Bertrand Denzler

Martine Altenburger

Jérôme Game / Carole Rieussec / Jean-Christophe Camps / Didier Aschour

Lê Quan Ninh

Michel Doneda / Pascal Battus

Jean-François Pauvros

Bertrand Gauguet / eRikm / Hervé Birolini

Thierry Madiot

Dominique Répécaud / Bruno Fleurence / Daunik Lazro / Heidi Brouzeng

Sophie Agnel / (someone I couldn’t get the name of from my internet searches)

Any further information and links to the websites of people I didn’t link to would be much appreciated.


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