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October 8th, 2008: Gastric Female Reflex / Dolphins Into The Future / Lubriphikatttor / Helicoptal ®


I don’t like this place much, the sound is usually crappy and that small basement is not my kind of place, cramped and bit too cute for me, a weird feeling that isn’t exactly fact-based.

The first act was Helicoptal, and was the expected sonic mayhem. Loud, maybe a bit predictable but still does the job of switching my mindset into gig mode. It makes little sense thinking or writing about this kind of act, especially so long after the fact, it’s all about present sense.

Lubriphikattor was not a letdown because I didn’t expect much there. And by that I mean “in this place”. I like this band a lot, but I was pretty sure the sound would be poor and wouldn’t do justice to their music. Sure enough most of what I had heard before was swallowed up and flattened by the crappy PA. Some good bits, but a frustrating experience because of previous experience. I just know how much was lost. Hopefully there will be another time in a better place.

Dolphins into the future came through better, and that’s most likely because it was just one guy playing. I’m definitely a sucker for any act using tapes, but that part didn’t come out all that well, which I lay squarely on the crappy sound. The short notes were setting up a nice enough field for the other stuff, but here again the crappy PA made me sure I was missing much of it.

I think Gastric Female Reflex made the better job of dealing with the poor conditions. The tapes might have been more prominent, or maybe it was just their having a dirtier sound or just playing more with contrasting segments. I liked that set because of the different kind of sounds within the set. Or maybe I was getting used to the peculiar conditions.

That was a pretty frustrating gig, but the silver lining is that I got enough from both later acts to want to have a better opportunity to listen to them in decent conditions. By now I know only too well how chancy is that opportunity’s coming to pass.


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