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October 9th, 2008: Marc Sens / L’Ocelle Mare

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I have to say this was not my first choice, but being help up at work made it my only available choice for that evening. That probably played a part in my not being positive about it all, both through having had no time to settle down before the gig and from having been looking forward to some Bharatanatyam instead.

L’Ocelle Mare opened and that was a somewhat disappointing set. I know his work is often about short burst that don’t develop all the way, and I was ready for that having heard him before, but this time my issue was different. I thought he was spending too much time on a single sound. Some were very interesting, but maybe I would have liked it better if he had interleaved these instead. I liked the banjo part better than the guitar one, and I know it would not have been practical to switch often, but I think I would have liked the set better had he done so. Too much similarity this way.

Marc Sens was very different in that he played continuously as opposed to short bursts, but there was something similar in the overuse of ideas. It made me more appreciative of the first set because his sound was more to my liking: I just like electric guitar better. So this set was more satisfying for me. Still there was the same nagging reservation: a bit too much of sound exploration for my liking. But it went better as the different parts flowed better into each other and I just liked the sound better. Setting aside those issues, that set featured some great moments, so maybe I can chalk up my being grumpy to that lack of time to settle down before the gig.


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