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October 10th, 2008: Caldera Lakes / Placenta Popeye / Married In Berdichev / Kevin Shields

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A gig built around the Tanzprocesz label. There was actually a first act I won’t say anything about, because I have nothing to say. It’s comedy, and I’m immune to that.

The first music set was by Kevin Shields, and it was just great. Short and intense, with a rhythmic side that’s often missing in these noise acts. Maybe not exactly missing, but this set was different in a good way. And her commitment was obvious and energizing. She has a distinctly personal style and that was refreshing, renewing my interest in that genre. And, to state the obvious: not that Kevin Shields, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Next up was Married in Berdichev, another short set but that’s only other common theme is that I liked that set just as much. A nice voice over a growing layer of electronics that would disturb the peaceful side of it in a very satisfying way. I was reminded of one my favorite tracks by Björk of all people — that would be Storm — because of these separate levels. But on further reflection that’s misleading. I like Brittany Gould’s voice much less, but the music beneath was more interesting.

I had seen Placenta Popeye last year and liked them then. I still do, even though their set was a bit too long. Bass/guitar assault with a most welcome lack of restraint. I guess the short sets before had made me impatient, but I thought it was getting a bit too much of the same after a while. Nonetheless a pretty solid act.

By then I was pretty curious about Caldera Lakes, this being a project featuring both Brittany Gould and Eva Aguila. I was wondering what mixing these very different styles would bring. Turns out they’re not that separate, and it worked very well. Not as harsh as Kevin Shields, not as fascinating as Married in Berdichev, but both sounds were in there, mixing unexpectedly well to create a richer whole. Three great sets from just two people, for a gig I’ll remember.


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