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October 11th, 2008: Etant Donnés / Palo Alto / Ilitch

@maison des métallos

It was my first time in that venue, and I didn’t like the place. There were many details rubbing me the wrong way. My main problem is with how fake it feels. It’s still quite new, so maybe I’ll overcome this feeling eventually. That’s if I go often enough, and that will depend first and foremost on who plays there.

I had come for Ilitch — didn’t even check the other bands’ names before getting there — and even though I’m certainly biased, it was my favorite set. I didn’t know the music, just the performers, and I was expecting something more experimental, but it actually struck a nice balance, remaining accessible with something more interesting underneath. Probably not a perfect performance, but that only made it better for me. I definitely should investigate that project.

At first I though I would like Palo Alto because there were some interesting sounds early on, but I quickly lost interest. Probably just not the kind of music I can figure out, so I heard nothing beyond the shiny surface.

Etant donnés was more like it, with the pounding and screaming, but maybe too much of a one trick pony. And I quickly decided to avoid looking at them, just too theatrical for me. Someone told me how this kind of celebration could make musicians feel boxed in, expected to rehash old recipes. Maybe there was a bit of that at work here. Or maybe I have the blame the first set for setting the bar too high. A good enough set, but I felt there could have been something more.

There were two other bands, but the show was running late and I opted to try and catch the last train home. So I skipped Geins’t Naït altogether and only got to hear the beginning of Double Nelson‘s set. Not enough to say whether I would have liked it; it didn’t sound bad, but not experimental. Maybe a case of wrong expectations there, as the gig was supposed to feature “weird music”. Not that weird to me, but maybe that comes with the territory. Ilitch made it worthwhile nonetheless.


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