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October 18th, 2008: Arnaud Rivière

@instants chavirés

A short set, but a good one. This time Arnaud Rivière used his battered turntable and mixing board, with not that much of the latter. I have to say I didn’t like much what he did toward the end of his set, with the mixing board alone, but that’s also because I thought the turntable part was great. There was some compelling immediacy to this, and today there was more range in his sounds with it, and it probably just happened to suit my mood. It felt a bit weird to have nothing else after that, but I like those short and intense sets a lot.

Interestingly, this time I was standing in front and had a clear view of what he was doing, which was a first. I think that may have shaped my reception of it, including my prefering the turntable part. That would be pretty stupid, but I can’t rule it out.


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