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October 28th, 2008: Alain Platel – Pitié!

@théatre de la ville

I had serious misgivings about this show. First I usually don’t relate to Alain Platel‘s work anymore. It’s not really a dislike as much as a lack of interest. Then I heard some very bad comments from someone who had seen it the day before. And finally I read that it was two hours long, and that Magic Malik would be playing. But I also read that Aka Moon and Rosalba Torres Guerrero were there at well, and that renewed my resolve to stay focused and attempt to get it at last.

I can’t exactly say I managed that, but I didn’t get bored, even though I still think he could shave 30 minutes off it. Again, I was way too close and that meant I didn’t see enough of the stage when the ten dancers were spread out. I resent that because those group parts where those I liked best, apart from a short sequence with three dancers that were in sync at first and then moved apart in space and time.

But I guess that’s not much, and I found myself in that lukewarm state of mind again. Not much stands out in either a good or bad way, so I can’t really write about any specific part, and even though my mind never drifted off, I felt on the outside looking in. It was warmly received, as usual, and the performers were good. But to me it’s too alien to relate too, yet too familiar to spur curiosity. And though there were a bunch of good moments, none left a mark in my memory, and I suspect I will soon be left with no image, only that faint feeling of having missed the point again. Wait till next year?


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