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October 31st, 2008: Kang-Hyun Ahn

@centre pompidou

Kang-Hyun Ahn is the one who made the videos I alluded to, those shown between set during that gig. I put this in a separate post because it was a completely different mood, because I liked her work enough to want to set it aside for later reference, and because I just felt like it.

In the first video, la flâneuse – jardin perdu, she went through the streets of Paris with a siamese twin doll facing back and a paper skirt, and handed out stickers to kids, or just putting them on railings, walls or even people. I liked that one, just for the weirdness of the costume and her disturbing everyday reality.

The second one was song of the son of the sun, and showed her singing in another weird costume in an English college, sometimes with people playing music, at other times in weird situations like sitting on a ledge or hanging upside down a short time after a shot of a mechanical bat.

Another, East London yellow pages, showed her dressed in an elaborate paper dress, standing on a big tree stump and spinning around like a wind-up doll to the music box sounds one would expect.

Do focail, mo capall had her dragging a paper horse through streets of Dublin, again in a paper dress, interspeded with shots of her tap-dancing and of her head bobbing like a balloon on a black background. Later her paper horse was kicked and crushed flat by kids and she went on dragging the remains.

There was also Nach em Rääge schiint d’Sunne, but that one was cut short. In this one she stands in a traditional swiss dress again made of paper, singing a local song. Sometimes in a field, sometimes in a city or on a road.

Funny thing is that even though there were some I didn’t really like — those involving singing — and I was not that fond of the others either, the whole grew on me. And I remember them more fondly after having slept on it. There something consistent in there, and far less innocuous than at first sight. It’s not about the paper costumes, really my love of this stuff comes from this quiet interference with reality. I wish my brother remembered enough Korean to help me getting more information, but he doesn’t, so I guess I’ll just have to be on the lookout for an opportunity to see more of her work.


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