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November 3rd, 2008: Chris Corsano & Mick Flower / Datashock

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Datashock use tapes, and that’s enough to get me interested. I remembered having seen them with Time Life and liking their set, so I was eager to hear them again. They use a lot more than tapes, a bunch of electronics of course, but also actual instruments, bells, flutes, a whistle, a guitar and drums (a big and a small one). They started with the bells, and spent the first part of the set slowly building up a rich environment of sounds through layered loops. When joined by processed voice, the result was really my kind of thing, maybe a little tame though. I was less interested by the end of the set, despite the bigger role of tapes, because of the guitar, which was too melodic and tame for me, and because the drumming was too neat. This neatness raised its head several times, and is the single thing I think they should get rid of. But I liked the set overall, despite these reservations.

Corsano / Flower went full speed quick and never relented after that. The Indian guitar obviously gave a peculiar sound to the performance, but they both accepted it — as was made obvious by the harmonium-like background — and left it behind quickly. Chris Corsano’s play was fast and precise, showing clearly why he’s such an acclaimed drummer. A bit too much virtuosity for me though, but that’s a side of him I had not heard that clearly. Flower’s play was more diverse, but nonetheless on the fast side as well. A lot of energy in that set, quite satisfying in a directly engaging way. There’s still something missing as far as I’m concerned though, but that’s because I was a bit put off by the drumming.


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  1. i think the same… tried to stop the set several times … no chance because of our guitar hero haha

    Comment by pascal datashock | November 6, 2008 | Reply

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