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November 4th, 2008: Dans les arbres

@instants chavirés

Dans les arbres was arguably not the biggest event of the day, but good enough. The only one I had heard of — let alone heard — before is Xavier Charles, but his involvement was enough to get me in there. I didn’t hear a lot of what Ivar Grydeland was doing on guitar and banjo, or maybe I should say what I hear didn’t hold my attention. Ingar Zach‘s drones on bass drum were far more successful in that respect. And of course I liked what Christian Wallumrød did, but playing prepared piano made that an almost foregone conclusion. He also played harmonium a little, but my favorites parts were those when he combined regular piano sounds with gamelanish ones. Still, Xavier Charles was my favorite performer, despite some routine moments, especially at the beginning. Those were totally wiped out by some very inspired others, when he would go through a quick pattern while overlaying very different bursts. The high pitched buzz on harmonica was more of a novelty.

Two things made the set quite satisfying for me. First, they worked pretty well as a unit, and developped a cohesive sound the more the set went on. Second, they were not afraid to let actual regular notes slip through in there, and that made the quieter times more interesting. Maybe not a groundbreaking performance, but that was good, and such concerts are doing a lot to keep me interested in improvised music.


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