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November 6th, 2008: Sword Heaven / Chocolat Billy

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I’ve said it before, Chocolat Billy is the band that made me buy a turntable again, a few years ago. And now that Blue Sabbath Black Fiji has moved to Scotland, I have no second thought in ranking them my favorite french band. As usual, their records are available through Potagers Natures, but they’re no subsitute for their amazing live performances. As usual, this one was great. Much more controlled and cleaner than the previous ones I’d heard, but this turned out to be very suited to my current state of mind. Not mainstream, but a definite change nonetheless, stearing clear of business as usual in a very good way, but keeping the best intact. I totally loved that set, and I hadn’t had such a good time in a long while. This definitely belongs with my favorite gigs of this year, and could be my favorite bar none, I guess I’ll probably need a few more days to figure that out.

I guess I could not expect Sword Heaven to top that. The drum pounding was nice but a bit too predictable and simple, especially at first. That got much better at the very end of their set, but then it was over too soon. All the while the other guy used what I first thought was a weird stick-like guitar but was probably not. A bit drowned out by the drums, but OK. The main problem I had with them — besides their coming after Chocolat Billy — was that sounded too much like what I expected from a band signed by Load Records. I probably should give them another try someday, I was still too focused on the previous set.


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