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November 7th, 2008: Jean-François Pauvros, Roger Turner & Daunik Lazro

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I had heard all three of them before, but not together. The main draw for me was Jean-François Pauvros, unless it was hearing something completely different before heading to another gig.

The first set had its moments, but had a bunch of issues as well. I thought it was way too long, the last quarter of it felt like they had run out of steam. But the most annoying was the way Daunik Lazro looked left out. He doesn’t seem to play that much anyway, but several times Pauvros and Turner turned it up and went faster, and I had the feeling Lazro was content to just let them do their thing. That feels like a missed opportunity, spoiling what were sometimes pretty nice highs, in a freeish way. Overall a bit too close to what I expected as well, Turner being his relentless self and Pauvros going a bit too long with a bow at first. I’m not saying that’s bad in and of itself, but that was stuff I’d heard before, and each seemed to be spending too long is his own territory. Then it got much better between Turner and Lazro at least, with each playing more diverse things and just meeting each other.

The second set pretty much addressed those shortcomings, with Lazro really getting involved. That set was shorter and generally more interesting, basically taking what worked best from the first one and adding to this base. Each kept his identity but there was a much more fruitful exchange. Pauvros and Turner still seemed to have more of this going on, but a couple of times it felt as if they had reached an agreement to force Lazro’s hand by almost stopping until he took the lead. And his doing so made the performance complete for me, all the more because he didn’t retreat completely even when the others turned the volume higher again.


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