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November 7th, 2008: Dev/null / Jason Forrest / Kanji Kinetic / Ergo Phizmiz / Sidabitball


Part two of that doubleheader, courtesy of Musikmekanikcirkus. I don’t like that place much, but a gig featuring two former WFMU DJs is not something I can ignore. Jason Forrest’s show last aired more than three years ago, but that’s what those archives are for, and I have very fond memories of that show, and I’m ever grateful to him for expanding my musical horizons. Ergo Phizmiz’ Phuj Phactory is much more recent, but unfortunately on hiatus. On the other hand, the ideas he told me about sound beeptacular and worth the wait.

Sidabitball went first with a video game based party music. I was not impressed, having heard DJ Scotch Egg too recently. And that set was way too long. Maybe that’s a good thing because the gig was an all-nighter, but I didn’t like it much and would have happily traded some of it for more dev/null. But he had many people dancing, so I guess it worked.

Having Ergo Phizmiz go next felt a bit weird, but having him at all in that evening was weird anyway, in a good way of course. And that kinda worked because I heard a few people say they’s liked it — not many — and they probably would not be exposed to his music otherwise. He used his megaphone most of the time, the accordion more than the ukulele and of course his array of horns. I missed the toy piano though. A good set, but I still liked the one back in January better, it was more diverse. This time I was a bit frustrated by how little he scratched the surface of all he can do. Well I guess that just means he should come around more often. I wouldn’t complain about that at all.

Kanji Kinetic was a surprise, because even though he was a CDJ basically just mixing, I liked his set a lot nonetheless. Good music, even reminding me of DJ/Rupture’s mixes at the very end. He played again at the very end, and I definitely intend to try to keep an ear out for his next appearance around here. This could be exactly the kind of expansion opportunity I’m looking for.

This nicely set up Jason Forrest‘ set, and it was just as good as I expected. Pure party fun with something in it for everyone. I mean it’s totally suitable to dance your mind out, but if you want to take a break and pay more attention, there’s something in there for you as well. Unfortunately I was not fast enough at the end: I wanted to pick up Panther Tracks, but someone beat me to what seemed to have been the only copy available.

Finally, Dev/Null, at last. I’ve been wanting to hear this guy live for about five years, since I first heard him on AD&D. I think it was the most interesting set of the evening, with intricate nesting of breaks and beats. There’s way more to it that the admittedly impressive speed. I could have used some more of it, but I’m not going to complain about a good set.

Looking back at that old AD&D DJ premium, I realized I got to see five of those featured this year: Duran Duran Duran, Zea, Dev/Null, Ove Naxx and Xanopticon. Now if only I could add Vorpal to that list…


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