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November 10th, 2008: Nitin Sawhney / Natty


I wanted to go for something more mainstream, and I thought that this would hedge my bets a little due to Nitin Sawhney’s diverse interests, as evidenced by his great scores for Akram Khan and his DJ sets. I was in for some culture shock though: for a change I was not one of the oldest in the audience, but what tipped me off was seeing a couple of people bringing folding chairs. Mind boggling enough, but the fact that they were actually let in with those is even worse.

Natty opened and was actually introduced by Nitin Sawhney, which was a classy move. He played guitar and sang, with John Blood and Djembe and sometimes backing vocals. Simple setup for well written folk/pop tunes. That was quite mainstream but nice anyway, pretty much the kind of thing I should try to hear once in a while to avoid burnout.

Nitin Sawhney‘s set was quite a letdown. I should have seen that coming. Even seven years ago he had a tendency to keep the different things he does separate. This was quite bland, some interesting guitar parts but for the most a watered-down version of other things, from Indian music to his own scores. Crowd pleasing, but not for me. He did an OK version of Prophesy at the end, just tablas and guitar, shorter and less gradual than the original, but different enough to be interesting, the only song that wasn’t spoiled by any pandering bit.


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