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November 11th, 2008: Neptune / Blue Sabbath Black Fiji / Ero Babaa / Cocksucker

@le klub

First time at this venue. Small — and quite packed this time — and quite a weird layout.

First set on turntable and electronics. The initial buildup was too long for me, but that’s also because of the background of squeaking door hinges and some guys talking nearby that drowned it out a bit. More interesting at the end, when it got louder and more varied. Quite predictable though, which is not so good.

Then Ero Babaa. Quieter than usual, but that’s relative. Definitely tamer. Maybe that was just me getting used to their thing, even though it had been a few months; well, there’s also that new record.

Anyway, I was there for Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, it had been way too long. They started with voice and electronics, then added the guitars. I must say that part was the one I was looking forward to. The sound wasn’t great, but good enough to feel those physically compeling waves that just feel right. The new twist was the last part of their set, when they added a loud beat — as in danceable — that they kinda eventually corrupted through feedback but still playing with it, a combination I really liked, and not just because that was new.

I had seen Neptune like four years ago and faintly remembered liking them, and somehow lumping them in the arty-post-punk box. Of course I remember those weirdly shaped instruments, but that’s not relevant. Well, that’s pretty much what I found again, I would just add they have a more industrial sound that I remembered. And beneath those metallic tones there was a familiar feel to their music that made me think they were from around Boston. Their myspace location reads Jamaica Plains, so I got that right.


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