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November 12th, 2008: Richard Pinhas & Merzbow / DJ K.OZ

@instants chavirés

I actually liked big parts of DJ K.OZ‘s set, like the first 20 minutes or so and the last 10. Which is about half the whole set. Maybe it’s just because there were less sounds stacked upon each other during those. It’s not that these canceled out, it’s more that I’ve heard such things too often, so I tend to lose interest and tune it out unless there’s a compeling sound, an interesting pattern or something more unusual. I did find some of those at times, but I tend to think than one hour is way too long for a noise set, and I think he could have covered just as much ground and made the set more potent by shaving off some reps.

I have to say I had heard Richard Pinhas‘ name dropped many times, but didn’t know anything about him. Merzbow is of course a different story. The beginning was my favorite part, with rhythmic patterns in not quite interlocking circles. Quieter than a lot of Merzbow’s stuff, probably somehow more melodic, but not by a lot. Not plain old regular noise, which made it all the more interesting. The rhythm part of it got less interesting as the set went on, but there was more going on in the sounds themselves. Actually there was quite a lot going on at all times, sometimes in front, sometimes more subtle variations in the background. And I’d say it was about right lengthwise. So that was a good set for me.


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