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November 14th, 2008: Sophie Agnel / Natasha Anderson

@instants chavirés

I was so exhausted I almost didn’t go, but the good thing about this was that I was too tired to overthink it and just went back to experiencing the music. On the other hand, that attitude is probably not the best with that kind of gig, where focus does bring its own reward. But it was not exactly by choice.

Natasha Anderson was the one I most wanted to hear, just because I had read she was playing contrabass flute with electronics. Turned out that flute was completely encased, and its sound was usually heavily processed. That casing lent itself to occasional slaps for some percussive effect. I did like the sound of it all. The music was a bit too much in the free improv mold for my current mood, but that didn’t bother me much. I’ll soon be taking a break from that scene anyway, hopefully that will renew my interest.

I pretty much heard what I expected from Sophie Agnel. As usual, she almost totally ignored the keys to play the piano strings with different objects. She’s definitely not the only one doing this — actually the first person I saw doing this live was Ryuichi Sakamoto like twelve years ago — but she’s one of the best. Great sounds at times, and apart from the very end I didn’t get bored.

I think I would have liked the whole gig better with more attention, but that was OK so maybe it would have liked it less. I realize I haven’t been hearing much of the whisperish tendency in improvised music since I ranted about it — Anderson was close, but the electronics saved my day. Good, I just hope my luck holds a few more weeks.


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