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November 19th, 2008: El Remolon / El G

@café des sports

That’s a bit of a stretch, because I only caught about an hour of it, but I want to write down a few links because that’s a kind of music I’m very much into these days. Seeing how that bar was so close to the venue of the earlier gig, I just had to get there as soon as possible, because that sounded like a plan and there was no way I was going to miss Death Sentence: Panda! in a kliton gig anyway.

This was part of a tour by DJs from a collective named Zizek. I didn’t get to hear Villa Diamante, but I did catch part of a El G set and most of one of El Remolon‘s. The highlight of that set was when he was joined by a woman from Venezuela. But the whole thing was really good, I mean it’s only the second time I manage to hear about this kind of event — the previous one was Sonido Martines. I love that mix of cumbia, reggaetón and modern electronic/dance stuff, and both sets were suitable eclectic. Maybe I’ll some day figure out where those parties are in Paris, but no luck so far. I’m not sure El G’s site about Buenos Aires will help, but that’s a start.

I found out about this kind of music from DJ/Rupture’s show, at a time when I was getting puzzled by my dislike for latin american music: reggaetón was the only kind I liked. After one of my resolutions to try to get more mainstream I wanted to investigate salsa, and in typical fashion I heard that weird cumbia first and instantly forgot about that mainstream thing. Then came many puzzling conversations before I realized that the only cumbia readily available around here was the traditional one, and those mixes were basically turning off both the salsa dancers and the regular party crowd. Now at least I have a source for more mixes and info. And maybe know about any Fauna tour stop around here.


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