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November 22nd, 2008: Catherine Jauniaux / Barre Phillips / Ned Rothenberg

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Quite possibly the last time I go there this year. Scheduling conflicts means I might squeeze in part of one gig, but I won’t make it to the other two. A budget crunch brought on by sagging attendance is to blame. But this gig would not be a bad way to wrap up the year.

I had seen Barre Phillips and Catherine Jauniaux about two years ago, but I don’t remember having ever heard of Ned Rothenberg before. He played clarinet, saxophone and a bamboo flute to great effect, never seeming to put on a clinic even though he is very good indeed. His playing had a natural flow to it, and he did fit in seamlessly even though Phillips and Jauniaux have probably played together for longer. Barre Phillips also has that ability to be good without ever showing off, something I appreciate a lot.

But Catherine Jauniaux was the one who really impressed me. Of course there’s the amazing range of what she can do with her voice, but she was really putting this to a good use, in service of the music they would play together. At times she chose textures that blended in very well with other instruments, sometimes she would be more isolated in timbre, but always a part of that greater whole. A very good set that left me feeling that something had happened there, a fruitful meeting of musicians confident enough to listen to each other.


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