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November 28th, 2008: Lightning Bolt / Arnaud Rivière

@maison de la villette

I thought it would be packed, but it was not, which is kinda weird with the people involved and the setting. Good for me, as I could get in easily.

Arnaud Rivière‘s set was probably the longest I heard from him, and definitely the best sounding one. I mean Etienne Foyer really did an amazing job. It might seem weird to praise the sound of a battered turntable and not much better looking mixing board, but it did make a difference. I didn’t see what was going on, but I’m familiar enough with his stuff to have had a good enough idea. Judging from the shattered remains of a record on the floor afterward, I probably was not far from the mark. It lacked surprises, but that didn’t spoil it, as this was a very solid set going through most of what he does with that setup. And hearing these familiar things with such a great sound was very well worth coming.

I had seen Lightning Bolt four years ago and had spent some of that gig in front, so I retreated to the back. No stage at all, not that they would have used it but that meant many people couldn’t see a thing and couldn’t get on the stage to get a line of sight. Not that I care, I’m used to this and seeing it not the point for me. Again the sound was good, but I spent some time in a box-like space in the back that was empty and nicely concentrating the bass, just for a change of perspective. They went at it for about an hour, and they’re still just as good at getting everyone jumping around. Definitely a band that must be seen live at least once, records cannot convey the kind of punch they pack. And Dracula Mountain is probably as close to an anthem as one can get in this style. Even though I have a hard time not thinking about Muppet Bolt whenever I hear it.


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