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December 2nd, 2008: Steve Gunn / Noyade / Duncan

@cantine de belleville

Another new venue, another basement of bar, but many familiar faces, as usual. Many people showed up, and that’s always a good thing for everyone actually involved.

Duncan‘s set was pretty good, much more focused than the one I had seen earlier this year. It was mostly guitar and loops, but even though it got too elaborate and pretty for me at times, there were good moments. I liked the beginning a lot because it was not at all what I expected. If anything it reminded me of Western African bluesish music, a neat reference grounded in exactly nothing. Made sense to me at the time. Then he started adding layers, but that didn’t work for me because it was too ornate and pretty, at least at first. But it grew on me and the end got me back because the music got simpler, dirtier and just more intense. Quite possibly my favorite set.

Noyade was pretty close to what I was expecting, not that I was expecting anything definite but the sounds were pretty much the usual fare in this particular scene. The good side of that is that whenever Erik Minkkinen is involved, I’m sure to find interesting bits up to and including great ones. But I’m always expecting to hear something more when he teams up with other people, and even though it happened, I though it didn’t hold up all that well. Cool stuff, but too much of the same during the set, I wouldn’t have minded if they had gone further in that direction, as in more intense. But there was still a sense of something being attempted, which is indeed good.

Finally Steve Gunn played a set that was the most proficient of the evening, but I never fully got in. Too much virtuosity, too pretty, and that pretty much spoiled the effect of the repeated patterns for me. So it just felt long and I couldn’t avoid tuning out before the end of each song. It’s not that something was wrong, quite the opposite, too right for me at that particular time. I know for a fact I can like this kind of music, and he’s really good as well. I was not in the right frame of mind, that’s all. I should have been more focused though, I can only blame myself for this slight disapointment.


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