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December 9th, 2008: Leif Elggren / Carl Michael Von Hausswolff

@centre culturel Suédois

Weird venue — a small auditorium in the Swedish cultural center — but why not? It’s a change from last year’s edition, and there’s nothing wrong about challenging comfortable expectations. And it’s not every day that you can schedule a gig with not one but two kinds, from the same kingdom to boot.

Carl Michael Von Hausswolff — aka Michael I — did the first set, entering and exiting with no fuss while the lights were down. It was all about the music, first a simple tone, then others, some modulated but overall basic electronic bricks. The point was in their combination, and the depth of the result belied the simple material. He never strayed into excess, keeping it simple but with many variations. I really liked this set, including the final lone crackling that got fainter and got through a few short pauses before it was over.

Then Leif Elggren — aka Leif I — took the stage for a set that was even more minimalist in a sense, and that I ended up liking even more. He had five fans with long strips of paper attached that served as sound sources — I’d guess through contact mikes. He turned one on then the others in a slow sequence, mixing the result. The whirring and deeper vibrations were quite different from one fan to the other — or at least that’s the impression I got from the initial turning on sequence. So that he had a range to play with, and play he did. It was pretty amazing to hear all the different things he could coax out of such a setup. Even the paper strips played a role when the sound was quieter, adding a non-rhythmic element. Really impressive. That was a very good way to start this festival.

Except it was not exactly the start. Yesterday both kings were featured at the opening of the Paris consulate of Elgaland/Vargaland, in an art gallery. Not enough music to warrant a separate post, even though there were a few anthem renderings. There were also pictures, maps and texts on the walls, but it was too crowded and mostly familiar looking stuff. Familiar because this has been my favorite state for a while now, because I just love the idea of a kingdom of boundaries. Here was an opportunity to apply for citizenship, but I didn’t. I already have more than enough documentation, and I’m more into erasing my own name these days. I feel more comfortable as just a passerby anyway, so I’ll leave this kingdom to creative types and enjoy being an undocumented alien there.


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