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December 10th, 2008: Emio Greco – [purgatorio] IN VISIONE

@théatre de la ville

Had I known it would conflict with Sonic Protest, I probably would have skipped this. I didn’t, so I still have a fair chance to see the whole series.

An unusual setup, with over twenty musicians in the back of the stage and Emio Greco the only dancer (expect at the very end). A bunch of metal spheres of different sizes on the ground, and a huge translucent ball overhead, on and through which some images were displayed. Unfortunately, I was way too close and on the side to see those. Too close for a lot, I’m afraid, and I base that on my previous experience with workds by him and Pieter C. Sholten. The stage design and lighting is usually a strong component, and I just knew I was missing most of it.

I thought there were a struggle in there, with some elements clearly coming from european classical dance, and others from a more contemporary source. But here it was not about subverting tradition — as with Garry Stewart last week — more an inner conflict coming out. As usual, Emio Greco was very good, with his mix of technique and physical presence. But I never really got beyond an intellectual appreciation. I basically failed to get it. But maybe it will make more sense next week with the other part of [purgatorio].

I’m blaming the seating first and foremost, but I don’t think a better situation would have made me like the part where he came back with a clown’s red ball of a nose. I remain immune to comedy. The final section was my favorite though, one where the initial struggle seemed to reach a balance of sort.

Several times, I’m pretty sure I heard the song of the lady in the radiator
from Eraserhead. It was so faint it could have been the cover by the Pixies, but anyway that’s a nice reference.


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