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December 10th, 2008: Shit and Shine

@instants chavirés

I rushed there as soon as the dance show was over, hoping to catch half of the gig. Skull Defekts went first so I missed them, too bad because they were the ones I didn’t know anything about. They were running very late because Shit and Shine were blocked by snow on their way from their previous gig, so I got to hear their whole set.

They did a long intro without drums and almost only voice and electronics, before kicking up their usual trance-inducing relentless drumming with heavy bass feedback, and more electronic feedback. Very good sound, but I thought the drum pattern was less interesting than the previous times. Maybe I’m just getting used to it. Still good and physically compeling, which is more then enough to make it worth coming, even though that’s the only set I heard. There’s a visual element to it, with their blue faces and bunny hood, even more so this time because Blanche-Neige was there too: a couple of machine gun toting snow whites that stayed on stage during the set then went patroling in the room. I only caught fleeting glimpses of all this, and didn’t make any effort to see more because I’m not all that interested anyway.

Costes did the final set, but it was getting too late for me to stay at this point because of transportation constraints. I don’t like his stuff much anyway, so I just bolted after his opening invocation to red wine.


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