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December 11th, 2008: Deerhoof / Stanley Kubi / Parenthetical Girls / Dimension X


I’m utterly failing to keep up with all these gigs, I’m basically just home to catch a little sleep before going back for more. This gig was just a few days ago but it seems far longer right now. I really like this venue, because of its acoustics. I always end up in the back of the room, where I’ve learned to play with the curved wall to enhance different sounds.

Dimension X was just getting started when I walked in, with the bass and guitar lying on the floor and Chris Corsano playing electronics instead of drums. I did like that part and the beginning of the set, but it wore me out.  I was kinda expecting that, because both Corsano and Pupillo often play too many notes for me, which made me tune out after twenty minutes or so.

I had an opposite reaction to Parenthetical Girls, in that I found the voice grating in the beginning but got used to it as the set went on. It did remind me of Xiu Xiu a little, but I kept thinking about the Decemberists for some reason. Some kind of weird pop, a little too pretty and emotional for me, but with enough twists to keep me interested nonetheless.

Stanley Kubi was a pleasant surprise, because I had not liked them all that much so far. But this time I did. Hardcore with unexpected instruments but also a band that dumps the mandatory aggresivity and goes with a festive friendliness instead. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally heed Macario’s advice to be openminded and let curiosity take over. I like the guy and it’s a relief to have come to honestly like his music too.

Deerhoof was the biggest name of the festival in my particular book, and even though I’m first and foremost going to hear music I don’t know, I was definitely looking forward to it. Even though I didn’t get to hear my favorite song, it was a blast nonetheless. They played material from several records, and hearing it live is always a different experience. It was over too soon, and left me wanting to see them again, which is all I can ask for. Probably the set where my familiarity with the room paid off, as I could just move a little and highlight different parts.


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