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December 12th, 2008: Catalogue / Brainbombs / France / Fred Nipi


Fred Nipi started with a powerful and physically demanding bass pulse, kept on alone for a little too long for me, but nicely setting the stage. It was a surprising set for me, because he didn’t use his analog synth as much as usual, and because it was generally slower. He even used a cymbal with a contact mike but I think something went wrong — as is to be expected — because that sound suddenly dropped off. Pretty good set nonetheless, I liked being surprised by the only one I already knew.

I had heard about France and they were just as good as advertised. Not many people had showed up then so they were able to play in front of the stage. The electric hurdy gurdy generates a mesmerizing drone while the bass and drums keep a steady beat. I think their trance-inducing music would be better suited to a different venue, so I hope I’ll get to put that intuition to the test soon.

Brainbombs very rarely play live, so that performance was an event. Old-school punk rock despite the trumpet, they reminded me of early The Ex, probably because of the talking voice. Solid and efficient, but I didn’t think the live setting brought much to it, because it felt so controled. But it was still good music, and brought yet another totally different style to this evening.

When I wrote I didn’t know anyone but Fred Nipi, that was maybe misleading when it comes to Catalogue. I had heard a few tracks and even though I had never seen them, I had seen Jean-François Pauvros and Jac Berrocal before. Pauvros was alone on stage at first, and his solo was already really good. Then Berrocal and Gilbert Artman joined him and the set quickly took off. Berrocal would alternate between voice and trumpet, using two mikes, one with heavy reverb. It had a much more rockish feel than I expected, but the important thing is that I loved the set throughout, even the parts when Artman switched from drums to keyboards. Diverse yet consistently good, with Berrocal’s antics keeping the performance on the edge without pulling it down. That one definitely lived up to the considerable hype.


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